First Look at El Monstro Del Mar!
By: Craig Villinger on September 9, 2009  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
El Monstro!Stuart Simpson and the team from Lost Art Films have put together a showreel that features material from several Lost Art projects, and in among the 3 and a half minutes of slick cinematography, splattery gore, shapely feminine bodies and crazy special effects you'll get your first ever look at footage from Stu's forthcoming creature feature El Monstro Del Mar! El Monstro's premise - a group of Russ Meyer-esqe vixens take over a small beach side town, only to aggravate an evil monster that lurks in the ocean depths - has made it one of the most anticipated Australian features of 2010 here at DR Towers, and the early footage doesn't disappoint!

Also featured in the showreel is footage from Stu's debut film Demonamongus as well as the other feature he is currently working on, The Dark Psychosis - an anthology project made up of several short films including Sickie, Greedy Guts, and The Garden of Earthly Delights.

Check out the embedded showreel below!

Damned whores! For maximum viewing pleasure visit YouTube and watch the clip again in glorious HD.

Stu is currently working on El Monstro Del Mar's visual effects and tells us he is hoping to have the movie finished by the end of the year. When cheekily asked if he could show us more of the monster he refused to give away too much (could there be a Cloverfield style shroud of secrecy around the beast?), although he did say with a laugh "It comes from the sea, its massive and its pissed off. That's all you need to know". Sounds good enough for us!

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