Hub of Horror Officially Cancelled
By: Craig Villinger on September 8, 2009  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
Russ MeyerThis probably won't come as a big surprise to anyone at this stage, but the organisers of the troubled "Hub of Horror" convention in Melbourne and Sydney have officially pulled the plug on the planned event. According to the latest Hub Productions website update: "Unfortunately, schedules of our guests and potential guests have forced us to pull the event. Hopefully we'll be able to revisit the idea in the future...". The announcement goes on to say that those who have already purchased tickets will be contacted with regards to ticket options. And by "ticket options" we hope they mean refund options.

The Hub of Horror was originally set for March 2009 in Melbourne, but after guest hassles and bushfire related complications (seriously?) the event was postponed until November, with plans to hold the con in Melbourne and Sydney over a 3 day period. Dexter's Julie Benz, Re-animator legend Jeffrey Combs and The Suicide Girls were announced as the star guests, but since March we've heard nothing else, so this latest cancellation announcement was not exactly unexpected.

Organising a horror convention for the arse end of the world can't be an easy thing. Hopefully those who purchased their tickets for The Hub of Horror in advance are taken care of satisfactorily and we can look forward to spruiking The Hub again if they ever give an Australian horror con another shot.

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