2 Minutes of The Dark Lurking Online!
By: Craig Villinger on August 23, 2009  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
It's been a while since we heard anything about the Aussie action/horror flick The Dark Lurking, but Director Greg Connors got in touch today to point us in the direction of a freshly uploaded YouTube video which features almost two minutes of unedited (and NSFW) creature carnage and guns blazing action from the forthcoming movie!

If that clip is anything to go by The Dark Lurking will give us non-stop Aliens and Doom style action - with Aussie accents!

Don't know what The Dark Lurking is all about? Well, according to the official synopsis "800 meters beneath the Earth's surface research station 320 has gone offline. Now hundreds of ravenous and constantly mutating creatures with a taste for human flesh have been let loose and 8 survivors must climb through 13 levels of hell to reach the surface".

Unfortunately there's no word on an Australian release yet, but The Dark Lurking will be hitting US homes later in the year via Video on Demand in October/November with a DVD release to follow.

Check out the poster art below, and visit the official site at www.thedarklurkingmovie.com.

The Dark Lurking

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