Schooner of Blood Ready to Drink!
By: Craig Villinger on August 12, 2009  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
SchoonerSchooner of Blood is a movie we almost managed to forget about. Not because it looked very forgettable mind you – we simply hadn't heard anything about it for over 2 years! A recent update from writer/director Kate Glover has refreshed Digital Retribution's memory however, and we're looking forward to Schooner of Blood once again. And you should be too! Kate tells us the film is finally finished, and UK distribution is being handled by Left Films, who recently secured a theatrical release for a film called Colin that cost just £45 to make (that's around 90 Aussie dollars!) Considering the fact that Schooner of Blood looks like it was made for more than ninety bucks it could just about get the blockbuster treatment in Ol Blighty.

Just to get us all up to speed, Schooner of Blood is a love story that turns bloody when a masked killer stalks an isolated country pub. As night falls the body count rises, and the remaining bar staff are forced to fight for their lives...

A new trailer was recently poured on to YouTube to commemorate the fact that Schooner of Blood has finally been completed, though apart from using a different font for the on-screen text it's exactly the same as the preview that has been streaming for a couple of years in the DR Grindhouse. Don't let that stop you from watching it again though, as it's a bloody good one!

Hopefully it'll be less than two years before we deliver our next Schooner of Blood update...

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