The Towering Watch Pile
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According to Stephen Fry, it is impossible to see any man made objects from space.

I beg to differ.

I'm pretty confident that my DVD watch-pile can be spotted from the international space station. It's getting out of control, yet I still find myself coming home with that bright yellow bag from JB or the post man waking me at 7am with a package from Deep Discount. And where do those new copies of The Dead Pit and Daughters of Darkness go? Straight on top of the watch-pile. This might not seem like a problem, but it is! The more you get the harder it gets to choose what to watch! This is a normal after work scenario for me: pour a drink, go and sit in front of watch pile. Stare into the abyss that is the stack of DVD's, slowly pulling one title forward, reading the back, putting it back into the pile. I can go on and on until I wake up in the morning drooling on the carpet in a daze.

Some people have suggested that with the advent of DVD and now Blu-ray that the "hunt" for cult film fans is over.

The old days of VHS certainly presented a much harder hunt, placing ads in horror mags requesting trades, endless hunting of your local video shop, but is this all just nostalgia? In 20 years time when people are downloading films straight to their Gigmegaplex-phones and then wirelessly transmitting that to their 50 inch hologram TV, will there be any nostalgia for the days of the 20% off DeepDiscount sales; the days of actually owning a box? I think we will. I get the same buzz from getting my greasy hands on an out of print DVD that I did getting my hands on a bootleg of a banned film. It's the same compulsion to stock pile films like a squirrel in summer preparing for the home video apocalypse of sorts.

So what do you think? How out of control is your watch pile? Do you have a special method of what to watch next, or do you stand staring blankly at the towering pile for hours on end trying to decide?

Fuel for the fire: Links to get you warm in your movie jeans:

Final Girl

I really want to be able to write like Stacie Ponder, her comical inner monologue style of blogging always gets a laugh, however she treats her content with care and passion, plus she has a feature of "Ridiculous faces of death" that made me laugh so much I blew a valve.

The Scandy Factory

Oh look, a VHS scan of Gymkata, right next to a photo set of 1986 Playboy pet Kathy Shower. Not safe for work unless you work for the pleasure chest.

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