Counting Down the Top 5 Oz Horror Villains
By: James Gillett on April 15, 2009  |  Comments ()  |  Share 

Whether they're creepy, amusing or just plain weird, the best Horror villains always steal the show. They can be both the star and the antagonist. They can turn an average horror film into an entertaining one, and a good film into a franchise. Time and time again they have proved one thing:

In horror, the villain is king.

For Digital Retribution's first Top 5, it's only right that it be 100% Australian. Firstly that rules out any villains from internationally produced films shot in Oz, as well as those from international films with Oz directors.

Secondly they have to be from horror/trash cinema, so you'll find no Chopper or Ned Kelly types here.

Other than that they can be any villainous bastard. They don't have to be body-able or even human. They just have to be memorable.

# 5: The Hog - Razorback (1984)

The HogThis is one little piggy that'll show the big bad wolf just how to take down a house. And then ram a tusk through its arse. He's a rhino sized, kill happy, flesh eating maniac. In other words: awesome.

He's Australia's answer to Jaws, even if no-one asked. Not that I'm complaining. It's hard not to love a giant killer pig who can take down your house, chew your face off and still want more.

Forget Babe, Razorback is the original piggy icon of Oz.

# 4: Alph (The Freak) - Turkey Shoot (1981)


Alph likes eating toes, seems to know martial arts and looks like some kind of werewolf reject. What the hell is he doing in this movie? Or maybe the real question is: why the hell isn't he in every movie? Alph has got to be the weirdest villain to ever appear in an Oz film. For that reason alone he belongs on this list.

# 3: The Croc - Black Water (2007)

The Croc

This croc isn't messing around. There's a reason for that: he's a real croc. Messing around isn't in his vocabulary. He doesn't even have a vocabulary. He just wants to eat things. Especially human meat things dangling from trees.

No animatronics. No CGI. Black Water's croc is the real deal. Respect.

# 2: Patrick - Patrick (1978)

PatrickPatrick is the kind of guy who would totally embarrass you in a staring contest, spit in your face without so much as blinking an eye, and oh yeah, KILL YOU WITH HIS MIND. He may be in a coma but Patrick still knows how to rack up a body count. Just don't get in the way of him and his hot nurse. No really... don't.

Patrick is horror's meanest, bedridden badass. Number 2 is yours.

# 1: Mick Taylor - Wolf Creek (2005)

MickPure evil, Aussie style. He's the Anti-Mick Dundee.

Take the perceived quintessential Aussie Larrikin and then mix in equal parts of the sickest most sadistic murdering raping bastard ever to walk the earth. Everything from his awkward guttural laugh to that vacant psychotic stare is downright unsettling. Oh and his whole gleeful torture thing is kinda freaky too...

John Jarrett's performance is both hypnotising and frightening. Mick Taylor is not only Oz horror's most memorable villain; he's also the most identifiably Australian.

Agree? Disagree? Couldn't give a stuff? Let us know in the comments section or bring it up in the forums.
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