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Sydney's A Night of Horror International Film Festival kicked off on March 21 with a double screening at the the Mu-Mesons Archives, ahead of the official opening night on March 25. Our fearless correspondent Mr Intolerance wandered along, and while he was impressed with the movies on offer he wasn't so impressed with you, the punter that chose to stay at home...

Where were all of you slack bastards? That's the question I have to ask. Two top-notch films, one local and one international, and who turned up? Practically no-one, that's who. I never fail to be amazed by horror fans – y'all whine and bitch that you don't get to see anything new and of quality on the big screen, and when you get the opportunity, what do you do? You stay at home, and no doubt keep bleating feebly, and you wonder why the scene dies a slow death – I sincerely hope more of you turn up to some of the other screenings, not that I think you deserve the level of entertainment that'll be on display, given your obvious apathy.

So, what did you not get? Two films, both high quality – and can I point out that you missed 'em, and it serves you right – at Sydney's premier venue for horror, cult and exploitation films – the Mu-Mesons Archives. I blew off a friend's engagement party for this cornucopia of goodness, and that friend, knowing how much I love genre film, had no problem with my decision. Obviously y'all must have had some heavy involvement in political strife at home and abroad to deal with, and/or friends or partners who just don't get the whole idea of your being committed to things that you might be interested in, and they're not, and so they threaten ostracism if you go out and actually enjoy yourself.

In either event – if you didn't turn up – your loss.

The night was hosted by Dean Bertram and Lisa Mitchell, two of the directors of the A Night of Horror film festival; people who put more into the life of the scene than any of you pathetic non-attending Sydney-siders. They have such a genuine love for the horror genre that it makes y'all look like such a sad, pathetic bunch of ingrates when you don't turn up to one of their events. If you call yourself a horror fan and live in Sydney and didn't turn up to this screening, I hope I meet you in a dark alley one night. Preferably with me armed with a large blunt instrument with nails hammered through it.

Taber Corn

Well, I've reviewed this before (here), and all I can add is that the people watching this awesome geek-homage film tonight had a whale of a time. Laughter and merriment there was much of, for the select few who were wise enough to turn up to it. A fine, fine film, and one which I definitely recommend for those who can have a bit of a laugh at themselves, and their rather sad nerdy-geeky horror fan-boi ways. The film was introduced by director Linden Reko and stars Blake Ryan and Ben Fruend, people who understand our milieu and no mistake.

Stomp! Shout! Scream!

A paean to 1950s beach-blanket horror flicks, and quite a knowing and fun one (replete with the awesome monstery goodness of the Skunk-Ape), this was definitely a film that deserved your attention, if only for the song about syphilis, which brought the house down. A musical romantic-comedy/horror film, Stomp! Shout! Scream! definitely deserved your attention – shame that the majority of you missed it. And the shame is on you for doing so.

And so while A Night of Horror got off to a flying start this year, the level of support it was shown was pathetic. About all we can expect from a lackadaisical "she'll be right mate" Australian audience, I guess. Y'all must try harder.

Opening Night - 26/03/09 >>

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