Beyond Announces Pure Shit!
By: Craig Villinger on March 8, 2009  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
No, that headline is not a cheeky statement on the quality of Beyond's latest announcement, it's meant to inform you of the fact that Beyond Home Entertainment will be releasing one of the most notorious Australian movies ever made, Bert Deling's Pure Shit, on DVD after more than 30 years of obscurity!

The film, which The Daily Telegraph described as "a thoroughly disgusting piece of cinema masquerading as a social study" (that's it, we're sold!) is a powerful look into Australia's heroine subculture and follows four young addicts as they scour the streets of Melbourne, desperate to score their next hit in a world with too many rules and death lurking just a cubicle away.

According to Beyond the film was originally deemed "unclassifiable" by local censors, and the Australian public was denied the chance to see one of "the funniest, most beautifully written, and masterfully performed portrayals of drug addiction ever committed to celluloid". Apart from screenings at festivals and underground events, Pure Shit has rarely been seen in its home country.

For such a relatively obscure film Beyond will be pulling out all the stops, delivering nothing less than a 3 disc special edition that will come with deluxe packaging and over four hours of material, including:

  • 16 page booklet

  • Director & Actors Commentary

  • Interviews with cast, crew and celebrity guests

  • Two Featurettes: Pure Shit Reunion and Rollin' with Bert and Gaz

  • Stills gallery

A third disc, a soundtrack CD containing never before released material, will complete an impressive package!

Pure Shit will be available in stores across Australia from May 13.

Pure Shit Trailer
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