Acolytes DVD Specs
By: Craig Villinger on March 6, 2009  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
Palace Films has announced the release of Acolytes, the newest film from director Jon Hewitt (Bloodlust, Redball), on DVD in Australia through Madman on May 6.

Along with a 16:9 enhanced transfer and 5.1 sound, Palace's disc will feature an audio commentary with Director Jon Hewitt and cast members; Interview with director Jon Hewitt and cast members Joel Edgerton, Michael Dorman, Hanna Mangan Lawrence, Joshua Payne and Sebastian Gregory; Behind the Scenes: Diary of a Serial Killer; Deleted Scenes; 2 Alternate Endings; Soundtrack by David Franzke in 5.1; Call backs and Cast Rehearsals.

In the film, a group of school friends who have suffered years of abuse at the hands of a viscious bully attempt to exact their revenge with the help of an unwilling accomplice - a suspected serial killer (Joel Edgerton). However the vulnerable teens soon find themselves in over their heads as the killer turns the tables and draws them into his violent world...

Acolytes Trailer
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