Damned By Dawn Trailer
By: Craig Villinger on March 4, 2009  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
Damned By DawnAdd Damned By Dawn to your list of must see Aussie movies, because if the slick trailer is anythign to go by it'll be a ripper!

"During a violent thunderstorm, a family is awoken by piecing shrieks which summon the dead to rise again. Their lives explode in a blood soaked fury as they battle malevolent spirits, whilst fighting to save their souls from eternal torment with... the Banshee."

Written & Directed by Brett Anstey, Damned by Dawn is the first feature from The Amazing Krypto Bros and stars Renee Willner, Bridget Neval (previously seen smooching with Sky Mangel on Neighbours!), Dawn Klingberg (Prey, Gates of Hell), Danny Alder, and Peter Stratford (Snapshot) with special make up FX by Justin Dix (Star Wars Episodes II & III, Storm Warning, Dying Breed).

Check out the trailer below, and be sure to visit the official site for some cool behind the scenes stills.

Damned By Dawn Trailer
External Links
Official Site - www.damnedbydawnmovie.com
Facebook - www.facebook.com/pages/Damned-By-Dawn/54776961825
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