Z3D5 - Post Apocalyptic Zombie Love!
By: Craig Villinger on February 18, 2009  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
ItemWay back in January 2007 we told you about a "Miniature Sci-fi Zombie Epic" being produced by Strongman Pictures after we were reliably informed that the finished product would be ready in "March" of that year. Since then the Strongman Pictures team have obviously been side-tracked by other projects (including the feature length romantic-comedy/sci-fi/horror From Parts Unknown) but now, over two years after we first told you about it, Z3D5 has finally been completed and is online for all the world to see!

In Z3D5 the paths of two strangers, one trying to escape, the other craving candy, collide in a radioactive post-apocalyptic future crawling with zombies, and for just a moment they share a connection.

Speaking about the project Director Daniel Armstrong says "Z3D5 is a short we shot for reasons that currently escape me. There was some enthusiasm regarding zombies as I recall...it's kind of a blur. Anyhoo reasoning is for philosophers - just watch the film nangdabbit!" And watch it we shall! You can check out the full 05:51 clip below, or visit the Strongman Pictures website for a larger view.

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