HoH: Dourif Out, Benz in, and New Venue
By: Craig Villinger on February 13, 2009  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
It's been a while since we've heard anything about Australia's first horror convention, The Hub of Horror, after we first told you about it back in September of last year, but after a long wait an update has finally come our way! And there have been a few changes...

For starters Brad Dourif has unfortunately pulled out of the line-up, but festival organizers have been quick to replace him with Julie Benz, star of Saw V, Rambo and TV's Dexter! Dourif is certainly a big loss, and we love the guy to death, honestly, but with all due respect to the voice of Chucky, he's an ugly bastard, and if you as a festival attendee are going to fork over one hundred and fifty bucks for a dinner with the guests, wouldn't rather look at this while you tuck into your chow?


Yeah. Also, the venue has been moved to the Monash University Campus at Clayton, allegedly to "cater for public demand" and to make it "a little more accessible".

The Hub of Horror will run from Friday March 13 to Sunday March 15th, and prices start from $40 for a day ticket. For more information and ticket bookings go to www.thehubproductions.com/horror/Home.htm.

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