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We're all about the "Horror, cult, sleaze and cheese" here at Digital Retribution, but after looking back at the 50 most visited review pages of 2008 it seems as though the "Sleaze" is what our readers crave the most! Reviews of hardcore and softcore porn are featured prominently in the top 50, and although we consider ourselves a "horror" site at heart there's nary a true horror flick to be seen in the top 10. Mostly it's T&A, and Actiongirls.

Anyways, here is a complete list of the 50 most popular reviews on the Digital Retribution website from January to December 2008. Enjoy!

  1. Volume 3 (DVD)
  2. Caligula (3 Disc Imperial Edition DVD)
  3. Volume 4 (DVD)
  4. Volume 5 (DVD)
  5. Devil in Miss Jones 3 & 4 (DVD)
  6. Savage Man, Savage Beast (DVD)
  7. Volume 2 (DVD)
  8. Ken Park (DVD)
  9. Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals (DVD)
  10. Actiongirls: Soldiers of the Dead Part 1 (Screener)
  11. The Machine Girl (DVD)
  12. My Brother's Wife (DVD)
  13. The Hood Has Eyez (Screener)
  14. SS Girls (DVD)
  15. Dracula Exotica (DVD)
  16. The Ass Collector (DVD)
  17. AVP2: Requiem (DVD)
  18. Women In Prison Collection (DVD)
  19. Unspeakable: The Life and Art of Reverend Steven Johnson Leyba (DVD)
  20. August Underground's Penance (Snuff Edition DVD)
  21. Bloodspit (Screener)
  22. The Last Whorehouse on the Left (DVD)
  23. Grindhouse (DVD)
  24. Prom Night (2008 - Cinema)
  25. Beneath the Valley of the Ultravixens DVD)
  26. American Psycho (Book)
  27. In a Glass Cage (DVD)
  28. Taxidermia (DVD)
  29. The Gore Gore Girls (DVD)
  30. Zombie Strippers (DVD)
  31. Rogue (DVD)
  32. The Woods (DVD)
  33. Black Water (Cinema)
  34. Porno Holocaust (DVD)
  35. Shockumentary Extreme Collection (DVD)
  36. Diary of the Dead (DVD)
  37. Inside (DVD)
  38. Let Us Pray: A Box of Nunsploitation (DVD)
  39. Dark Angels (DVD)
  40. Halloween (2007 - DVD)
  41. Five Across the Eyes (DVD)
  42. The Zombie Diaries (DVD)
  43. Texas Asshole Massacre (DVD)
  44. Humanoids From The Deep (DVD)
  45. Volume 1 (DVD)
  46. The Keep (VHS)
  47. Mad Foxes (DVD)
  48. Death Wish: The Vigilante Collection (DVD)
  49. The Devil's Daughter (DVD)
  50. The Dead Pit (DVD)
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