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By: Craig Villinger on November 23, 2008  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
December is all about vintage Ozploitation over at Madman, with the DVD release of Not Quite Hollywood and a few Brian Trenchard-Smith classics including The Man From Hong Kong and Dead-End Drive-In, but amidst all the nostalgia Madman will also be releasing Restraint, a brand spanking new Aussie flick, as a rental disc on December 3. There'll be no kung-fu kicking or vehicular carnage in this one though - Restraint looks like more of a noir-ish psychological thriller about two young lovers on the run after committing a brutal crime who seek refuge in what they believe to be an abandoned mansion. As it turns out though, the estate is home to an eccentric loner who the pair claims as a hostage; however, as time passes, the the relationship between the three becomes complicated, and the line between victim and perpetrator is increasingly blurred...

Restraint was directed by David Denneen from a script by Cut's Dave Warner, and stars Travis Fimmel, the considerably spunky Teresa Palmer (2:37, The Grudge 2) and Stephen Moyer.

Along with a 16:9 enhanced widescreen transfer and 5.1 sound Madman's disc will include a behind the scenes featurette, interviews with the cast and crew, an alternate ending, and trailers.

For more info check out the official Restraint website.

Restraint (AKA Ravenswood) trailer:

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