First From Parts Unknown Clips Online!
By: Craig Villinger on November 20, 2008  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
Remember From Parts Unknown - the "romantic-comedy/sci-fi/horror about life, love, dreams, video games, professional female wrestling and the end of the world" that we first told you about back in October 2007? Of course you do - who could forget a description like that? Well anyway, principal photography officially finished back in March, but after giving eager fans a constant series of pre-production video blogs over at the official MySpace page the filmmakers have been very quiet of late, leading many Digital Retribution readers to ask "What's the latest news?" Well, we put that very question to From Parts Unknown's Director Daniel Armstrong recently, and he assured us that the post-production process is coming along nicely, with attention currently concentred on the music and sound design as well as completing a handful of effects shots. Armstrong was tight-lipped when asked for a completion date, suggesting that he and his team were focusing on "quality" rather than just getting something out quickly, but after further harassment he did offer the "first half of 2009" as a tentative completion date.

Not content with those nuggets of information however, when our chat with Armstrong concluded we decided to hit the www's for more gossip, and after following a long trail of links through Google and various social networking profiles (yes - investigative journalism at its finest!) our left-clicking paid off with the discovery of the Director's Vimeo Page, which is currently hosting five clips showcasing the work of stars Jenna Dwyer, Ross Ditcham, Josh Futcher, Elke Osadnik, and Mick Preston & Trevor Wight. These clips are actually internal showreels made for the actors and are not meant to serve as official promos for From Parts Unknown in any way (they may even contain a SPOILER or two), but they do however feature several minutes of footage from the movie - the first we've seen so far - which should be enough to keep us amused until something a little more "official" comes along. It's promising stuff too - well worth checking out!

All five videos are available here.

Produced in association with PCWe (Pro Championship Wrestling Entertainment), From Parts Unknown focuses on Charlie, whose dreams of becoming a professional wrestler are frustrated by complications with her boyfriend, the unsolicited romantic affections of one of her co-workers, a dictatorial boss, and the impending end of the world brought about by a video game based on some unstable ex-military technology!

Now if that doesn't sound like the sort of movie you want to rush out and see you're visiting the wrong website...

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