Traucki Travels to The Reef
By: Craig Villinger on November 10, 2008  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
Lightning Entertainment has unveiled a synopsis, teaser poster, and teaser trailer for their forthcoming thriller The Reef, which will be directed by Black Water co-writer/co-director Andrew Traucki.

In the film, which will again be playing up the "based on a true story" angle and is promising to "walk the line between horror and psychological thriller", three British backpackers become stranded when their boat capsizes during a tour of The Great Barrier Reef, and their subsequent efforts to swim back to land are complicated by the appearance of a fifteen foot white pointer shark!

Black Water was kind of like Open Water with a crocodile, so will The Reef be kind of like Open Water with... sharks? Which would make make it kind of like Open Water... full stop?

Anyways, it might not sound like the most original flick, but Black Water was one of the better Australian genre movies we've seen over the past few years, so with Andrew Traucki on board The Reef should be one to look forward to.

Principal photography on The Reef is set to commence around March 2009. check out the Lightning Entertainment website for more info.

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