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By: Craig Villinger on October 10, 2008  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
We're literally counting the days until Dying Breed hits cinemas across Australia, and to keep us enthused until the November 6 release date (that's less than a month away for those that aren't counting) Hoyts Distribution has sent us a bunch of images from the flick. Aussie genre poster boys Leigh Whannell and Nathan Phillips are featured promintently, and you'll also find a few ghastly shots as well as a look at Peter Docker as Alexander Pearce, who bears an odd resemblance to Hugh Jackman in Wolverine mode!

Click on the waterlogged corpse below to explore the entire gallery.

Dying Breed Gallery
Dying Breed Image Gallery - 32 images on 2 Pages

In the film, Wolf Creek's Nathan Phillips and Saw's Leigh Whannell are among a group of four friends who venture into the Tasmanian wilderness in an attempt to prove the existence of the long extinct Tasmanian Tiger, but discover another breed that has managed to thrive in the isolated environment - the descendants of Alexander 'The Pieman' Pearce – a murderous convict who was hanged for cannibalism in the 1800s after breaking out of prison and eating his fellow escapees!

Check out Dying Breed's trailer in the DR Grindhouse and visit the official website at www.dyingbreed.com.au.

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