Wynter Dark Concept Art
By: Craig Villinger on October 7, 2008  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
A reversal of the Earth's magnetic poles has brought upon the next ice age. Technology has ceased to function. Billions are dead. The survivors, who must now rely on primitive energy sources, have gathered in the last remaining cities in an attempt to rebuild their frozen world. And one of the largest Kingdom's, the Kingdom of New York, is about to be invaded…

That's the basic premise for Wynter Dark, a post-apocalyptic fantasy project currently being developed by Australia's Resolution Independent, who previously gave us the Jamie Blanks survival horror flick Storm Warning. At this early stage of pre-production there's not a lot of info flying around, but Producer and creative director Pete! Ford has posted some impressive concept art over on his blog, Unstable Marzipan, which you can check out below (click to enlarge).

Honestly, if concept art like that doesn't have you drooling then you are no friend of mine. Just look at that pouncing killer bear. LOOK AT IT! Doesn't it look freakin awesome?

Speaking of freakin awesome, Wynter Dark is being pitched as "Mad Max Meets The Day After Tomorrow", which kind of makes it sound like the coolest idea ever, and in an earlier blog posting last month Ford described it as a "big ass Aussie Sci-Fi project". Now if comments like that don't make you want to weep a tear of pride into our national flag I don't know what will.

Wynter Dark's script is currently being polished, and casting announcements are expected soonishly. Needless to say, this is one project we at Digital Retribution will be keeping a big fat fanboy eye on, so expect updates whenever they become available.

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