Trasharama Ready to Go Go!
By: Craig Villinger on October 2, 2008  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
Trasharama-A-Go-Go, Australia's nastiest short film festival, kicks off its 2008 national tour tomorrow in Adelaide and will be taking its collection of b-grade horror, cheesy sci-fi, sick animations, bad taste, grind-house trailers, and other low brow atrocities across Australia until late November!

Among the twisted offerings playing at this years fest are My Mates Are Bastards, Statue Killer, Previously Dead, Satan's Forest, Zombie Pimp Private Eye, The Day I Got Sacked, Rabbit Rage, Doctor Poo, The Evil Dog and the Lovely Pussycat, Death Of The Killer Bikini Vampire Girls, The Love Of Victoria Anus, and My New Ghoulfriends. How can you resist such persuasive titles?

Venue Details:

Date Venue Address
Fri 8th Oct Mercury Cinema 13 Morphett St. Adelaide
Sat 4th Oct Mercury Cinema 13 Morphett St. Adelaide
Wed 8th Oct The Loft 60 Liebig St. Warrnambool
Thu 9th Oct The Barwon Club 508 Moorabool St Sth.Geelong
Fri 10th Oct Glitch Bar 318 St. Georges Rd. North Fitzroy
Sat 11th Oct The Brisbane Hotel Brisbane St. Hobart
Sun 12th Oct The Gateway Hotel 16 Fenton St. Devonport
Sun 12th Oct Loop 23 Meyers Place Melbourne
Mon 13th Oct Commercial Club 618 Dean St. Albury
Wed 15th Oct Tuggeranong Arts Ctr. Cnr. Reed & Cowlishaw St. Greenway
Thu 16th Oct Paddo R.S.L. Auditorium 220-236 Oxford St Paddington
Fri 17th Oct Mu Mesons Archive Rear 59 Parramatta Rd. Annandale
Sat 18th Oct Nimbin Hotel 53 Cullen St. Nimbin
Wed 22nd Oct Gold Coast Arts Centre 135 Bundall Rd. Surfers Paradise
Thu 23rd Oct The Globe Theatre 220 Brunswick St. Fortitude Valley
Fri 24th Oct Walter Reid Cultural Ctr. Cnr East & Derby St. Rockhampton
Sat 25th Oct Herbert Hotel Cnr Sturt & Stokes St. Townsville
Thu 20th Nov Rechabites Hall 224 William St Northbridge

Visit the Trasharama website for more information -

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