Australia's First Ever Horror Con Confirmed!
By: Craig Villinger on September 06, 2008  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
Melbourne will host Australia's first-ever horror convention next year!

Kicking off somewhat appropriately on Friday The 13th of March and ending on Sunday the 15th, "The Hub of Horror" will deliver some of our favourite genre actors and will feature guests live on stage for a few stories and Q&A sessions. There will also be a variety of events throughout the day, including auctions, raffles, trivia, workshops, and readings from occult specialists. Merchandise and rare collectable's will be available from dealers, and fans will also have the chance to meet the VIP guests who will sign autographs and pose for professional photographs.

So who can we expect to see at this event? So far organisers have booked appearances by Tony Todd of Candyman fame and Bad Dourif, best know as the voice of Child's Play's Chucky, along with sexy internet favourites the Suicide Girls. Many more exciting guests are still to be confirmed.

"The Hub of Horror" will be held at the Kingston City Hall, 985 Nepean Hwy
Moorabbin Vic 3189.

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Prices start from $40 for a day ticket. For more information and ticket bookings go to

Thanks for forum member for the heads up.

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