Meet Australia's Scariest Authors!
By: Craig Villinger on March 7, 2008  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
Well, the authors themselves may or may not be scary - that remains to be seen - but according to the The Australian Horror Writers Association their work sure is! The AHWA has announced its list of finalists for the 2008 Australian Shadows Award - a literary award presented for works of horror fiction written or edited by an Australian and published either in Australia or overseas in 2007 - and this year's finalists, in alphabetical order, are:

• Matthew Chrulew - Between the Memories
• David Conyers - Subtle Invasion
• Terry Dowling - Toother
• Rick Kennett - The Dark and What It Said
• Martin Livings - There Was Darkness
• Jason Nahrung - The Darkness Within

Honourable Mentions also went to David Conyers & John Sunseri for The Spiraling Worm, Kaaron Warren for Cooling the Crows, and Marty Young for The Wildflowers.

The winner of the 2008 Australian Shadows Award will be announced in April 2008.

Visit the Australian Horror Writers Association website for more information.

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