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By: Craig Villinger on February 6, 2008  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
It may not have the most original title in the world, but this forthcoming Australian production does have at least 2 things going for it as far as I'm concerned – Natalie Bassingthwaighte, and chainsaws!

Directed by George Miller (no, not that George Miller, this G.M. has never directed a movie called Mad Max) the film was inspired by the real-life, uber-mysterious disappearance of two North American tourists in 1987 and tells of three couples who run into a spot of trouble after venturing into the West Australian desert on a 4WD holiday. According to the films production company, Top Cat Films, Prey will combine mythical elements of movies like Picnic At Hanging Rock with classic horror devices of The Evil Dead, which sounds like a pretty decent combination

Prey made headlines in the mainstream media last year when it was announced that an allegedly steamy shower scene involving Bassingthwaighte and a female co-star could end up on the cutting room floor! It's still not known whether or not this scene will make it into the theatrical version, but let's cross our fingers and hope it is included on the DVD.

Shooting in WA and Melbourne finished last year and the film is currently in post-production. Hopefully we'll be able to feast our eyes on a trailer sometime soon, but in the meantime we can enjoy several behind the scenes pics that were recently added to the official Prey MySpace page, including the eye catching shot of a buffed-up, chainsaw wielding Bassingthwaighte below, who looks nothing like her old Ramsey Street character!

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