MUFF 9 Call For Entries
By: Craig Villinger on February 6, 2008  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
MUFF 8 is still fresh in our minds, but team behind The Melbourne Underground Film Festival are already planning their next assault and are now calling for submissions for MUFF 9, which will be held in early October.

"We call all able-bodied filmmakers of any taste, sexual persuasion, style, budget or political bent to help us man and woman the ramparts in the urgent culture wars of the Australian Film Industry. The mission? To save the Australian film industry from itself. After a poor year of Oz cinema (yet again! Happy Feet aside) in the mainstream (Romulus, Noise, Clubland, Home Song Stories … snore, snore, snore) the MUFF mandate to find, identify, promote and lauder new voices in Australian cinema is more relevant than ever."

This year's festival will feature more awards for short films, and will have not one but two closing nights (I'm not quite sure if that calculates correctly, but lets just go with it) – one for shorts, and one for features.

To download an entry form, visit the MUFF website.

Entries Close Monday August 11, 2008.

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