See Rogue on the Big Screen Now!
By: Craig Villinger on August 27, 2007  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
Not so long ago we were looking forward to seeing Rogue released across Australia on August 23, but local distributor Roadshow decided to piss in our punch bowls by delaying the release until later in the year. For most of us the new release date (possibly early November) is still a long way away, but it does look like at least three cinemas actually started screening Rogue last week, with keen eyed reader Chris alerting us to the fact that the film is currently playing at Greater Union's George Street Cinemas in Sydney and the Brisbane City Myer Centre, and also at the Jam Factory in Melbourne. These screenings have been given little or no publicity, so unless you've been keeping a close eye on your local cinema guides you probably would have missed them completely.

Rogue is only screening twice a day, and this advance season could end as early as this Wednesday evening, so get in quick if you want to see Rogue on the big screen anytime soon.

Check out the Greater Union website for Sydney and Brisbane session times, and the Village website for Victorian session times.

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