Masters of Horror Season 2 Update
By: Craig Villinger on March 24, 2007  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
Showtime has given us the latest update on Masters Of Horror Season Two, which will make its Australian TV premiere on Friday May 18. Last year the Season One episodes where shown as back to back Friday night double features, but this year it looks as though Showtime will be giving us one episode per week, over twelve weeks.

Hopefully we will have the full screening schedule for you shortly, but for now we can tell you that the series will kick off with Joe Dante's Screwfly Solution – a tale about a deadly virus that infects a nation, turning men into psychotic woman killers – at 8:30pm on May 18, with encore screenings on May 23 at 11.00am and May 24 at 2.10am. John Landis' Family – about a young married couple who move into a new home, only to find out that their neighbor is not what he seems – will screen the following Friday (May 25) at 8.30pm, with repeats on May 30 at 11.00am and May 31 at 1.45am.

Stay tuned for more Masters of Horror updates soon!

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