Masters of Horror Season 2 July Schedule
By: Craig Villinger on June 18, 2007  |  Comments ()  |  Share 

Masters of Horror Series 2 continues on Showtime throughout July and August, and here are next month's screening details:

Brad Anderson's Sounds Like - Deeply affected by personal tragedy, an office drone realises his sence of hearing has taken on extraordinary capabilities that could drive him insane Cast: Chris Bauer, Laura Margolis, Richard Kahan Premiere: Fri 06 July @ 8.30pm. Repeats: Wednesday July 11 @ 11.00am and Thursday July 12 @ 1.15am.

Tom Holland's We all Scream for Icecream - Based on the short story 'I scream you scream we all scream for Ice Cream' by John Farris. This terrifying tale tells of a group of young kids known as 'The West End Bunch' who tormented and accidentally killed a local Ice Cream Delivery man. Years later, now grown up and married with children himself, Layne Bannixter witness the friends of his youth being systematically murdered by their own children. Cast: William Forsythe, Lee Tergesen, Tim Henry. Premiere: Friday July 13 @ 8.30pm. Repeats: Wednesday July 18 @ 11.00am and Thursday July 19 July @ 2.15am.

Peter Medak's The Washingtonians - After his Grandmothers funeral, Mike discovers an artifact in her basement that could re-write the history of a nation. Interpreting clues that suggest Geroge Washington was in fact an insatiable cannibal. Cast: Jonathon Schaech, Myron Natwick, Saul Rubinek.Premiere: Friday, July 20 @ 8.30pm. Repeats: Wednesday July 25 @ 11.00am and Thursday July 26 @ 12.35am.

Stuart Gordon's The Black Cat - Out of ideas and short on cash, the great Poe is tormented by a black cat that will either destroy his life or inspire him to write one of his most famous stories. Cast: Jeffrey Combs, Aron Tager, Elyse Levesque. Premiere: Friday July 27 @ 8.30pm.

Series 2 will conclude in August with Norio Tsuruta's Death Cruise.

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