Rogue Lacks Bite at the Box Office
By: Craig Villinger on November 13, 2007  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
Perhaps proving once again that delaying theatrical releases is not a good idea, Greg McLean's Rogue - the director's highly anticipated follow-up to Wolf Creek - has failed to take a huge bite out of the local box office, finishing in 5th place overall with estimated earnings of $667,194 over its opening weekend. Considering the nationwide release, huge promotional campaign, and the audience friendly M rating, these figures have got to be a little disappointing, especially when you take into account the fact that in 2005 Wolf Creek opened at number 1 and earned over a million dollars in its first week, even after being slapped with the restrictive R18+ classification.

Horror fans were more interested in seeing the newly released 30 Days of Night, which opened in 4th place, while The Game Plan (#3), Lions For Lambs (#2), and Death At A Funeral (#1) filled the top three spots. Saw IV, in its 3rd week of release, finished just behind Rogue, while QT's Death Proof scraped in to 10th spot in only its second week of release with takings of just $165,342.

Source: Motion Picture Distributors Association of Australia

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