When Evil Reigns DVD Now on Sale
By: Craig Villinger on July 1, 2007  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
We've been doing our best to promote the hell of this low budget Aussie flick over the past few years (as we do with all Aussie horror) and we're happy to announce that the When Evil Reigns DVD is finally available to buy from the official WER website.

The DVD contains the uncut movie plus over 2 hours of special features, including:

• Audio commentary by directors Luke and Alix Jackson and producers Ian Seymour and Tim Clark
• Deleted and extended scenes
• Bloopers
• SFX and Visual FX featurette
• SFX makeup documentary with Alix Jackson
• Extra disk containing the movie with English subtitles for the hearing impaired

The DVD is region free PAL format, and costs $18, plus $3 postage & handling for local buyers. Visit the When Evil Reigns online store to make your purchase.

Watch the When Evil Reigns trailer at the DR Grindhouse.

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