Trasharama Are Go-Go
By: Craig Villinger on September 29, 2006  |  Comments ()  |  Share 
Australia's nastiest touring short film festival is preparing to kick off once again, and you can find all the dates, venues and times right here!

Oct 6 2006 7:30PM: Mercury Cinema (R) Adelaide SA
Oct 7 2006 7:30PM Mercury Cinema (MA15+) Adelaide SA
Oct 11 2006 7:30PM: The Loft Warrnambool VIC
Oct 12 2006 7:30PM: The National Hotel Geelong VIC
Oct 13 2006 7:30PM: Glitch Bar North Fitzroy VIC
Oct 14 2006 2:30PM: Wollongong Youth Centre (MA15+) Wollongong NSW
Oct 14 2006 7:30PM: The Venue Hobart TAS
Oct 15 2006 6:30PM: LOOP Melbourne VIC
Oct 17 2006 7:30PM: Tuggeranong Arts Centre Greenway ACT
Oct 19 2006 7:30PM: @newtown Petersham RSL Club Newtown NSW
Oct 20 2006 7:30PM: Octapod Newcastle NSW
Oct 21 2006 7:30PM: Nimbin Hotel Nimbin NSW
Oct 25 2006 7:30PM: Gold Coast Arts Centre 'Basement Theatre' Surfers Paradise QLD
Oct 26 2006 7:30PM: Globe Theatre Fortitude Valley QLD
Oct 27 2006 7:30PM: Caloundra Cultural Centre (MA15+) Caloundra QLD
Nov 2 2006 7:30PM: Pilbeam Theatre, Walter Ried Centre Rockhampton QLD
Nov 4 2006 7:30PM: FTI Cinema Fremantle WA

Showcasing short horror, sci-fi, animation, and bad taste comedy from the most twisted minds in Australia, the Trasharama Are Go-Go film fest is a must see for all DR readers! Checkout for more info, and also be sure to make Trasharama you MySpace friend.

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